Benefits Of Celery Juice

Benefits Of Celery Juice

Benefits Of Celery Juice

Today’s best superfood is Celery juice, gaining an amazing attention day by day on social media, supports claim that drinking plain celery juice daily, helps you fight a various range of health issues, like reducing cholesterol level, and improving your digestion system.
celery juice’s power doesn’t end here, drinking it on a daily basis will help your skin get clearer and softer.

Celery Juice Prevent kidney stones

The juice of celry has both diuretic and cleansing properties, both of which enhance the overall function of your kidneys.

Going to the bathroom regularly and frequently helps the body to flush out nasty toxins and helps prevent kidney stones from forming.

Cancer Prevention

Celery literally repels cancer cells. It may not be the fanciest or most exotic vegetable, but one thing is for sure, it is packed with cancer-fighting compounds, 8 of them in fact.

One of the components called apigenin causes cancer cells to self-destruct.

Another compound in celery called luteolin can not only inhibit tumor growth but also reduce tumor size.

Controls blood pressure

Celery contains a compound called coumarins which increases white blood cell activity and the vascular system.

This helps to purify the bloodstream, improve blood flow circulation and reduce blood pressure.


Celery is amazing for any type of inflammation in the body. Aside from magnesium that helps relax tight muscles and vitamin B6 that helps lower homocysteine levels in the blood (an amino acid associated with inflammation), celery is also loaded over 20 beneficial inflammation-fighting antioxidants.

Celery Juice Keeps pH levels Balanced

Having high acid levels in your body can promote the growth of cancerous cells. Luckily celery is a natural alkaline-forming vegetable.

Eating or drinking celery regularly can help your body maintain a balanced pH level.


Aside from helping relax our blood vessels to allow better flow of blood (and therefore lowering blood pressure), coumarin in celery helps thin the blood. Coumarin is used as a precursor to anticoagulant medications like warfarin and Coumadin, which help promote blood circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots. Who needs drugs, when those very drugs are synthesized from compounds found in celery!

Aids Weight loss

While a cup of celery juice contains only 68 calories, it is also filling.

Celery is also packed with water and actually helps to replace electrolytes in your body. Making it the perfect post-workout beverage.

Celery Juice Nourishes the Nervous System

As I’ve mentioned above, celery is rich in mineral salts. These salts are crucial in helping support a healthy nervous system and the electrical impulses that govern it. They’re the building blocks for neurotransmitter chemicals, and support neuron function. Without them, our bodies are like uncharged batteries. So you can think of celery juice like giving your body a new battery; giving it the life it needs to function optimally and with vigor.


Celery is packed with anti-inflammatory properties.

Drinking celery juice has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with gout, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

Celery Juice Fights Insomnia

You’ve probably heard of drinking chamomile tea or warm milk before bed, but celery juice?

Yup, this pale green vegetable can actually help you fall asleep.

This is due to its magnesium and essential oil content that promote relaxation and sleep

Strengthens bones

Celery is rich in Vitamin K which is vital for bone metabolism and protection against osteoporosis.

In addition, celery contains high levels of calcium and silicon, both of which help in the strengthening and regeneration of bones.

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