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Benefits Of Cucumber

Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber is famously known as the best eye stress reliever,  just put two slices on your eyes and let the magic happen, yet that’s not all the magic cucumber can do, there are actually many more benefits you shouldn’t miss.

Cucumber For Weight Loss

Cucumbers can actually help you lose weight!

They are extremely low in calories. An 11-ounce cucumber only has 45 calories! That means this yummy food can fill you up for a fraction of the calories. Also, the high water content helps to keep you full!

Multiple studies prove that foods contain a high amount of water and low calories significantly help with weight loss

Helps With Bowel Functions

Since cucumbers are filled with water, it can help with stool consistency and prevent constipation. Also, cucumbers contain fiber which is necessary to maintain healthy bowel movements.

Pectin, soluble fiber found within cucumbers, definitely helps to increase the frequency of bowel movements. During a study with 80 participants, it was proven that pectin speeds up the intestinal muscles and feeds healthy bacteria in the gut. What a great way to promote digestive health!

But note that most pickles bought at the store do not contain such wonderful benefits because of the fact they have been boiled out.

Joint Pain Relief

Cucumber can also help ease joint pain and arthritis. It is rich in Silicon dioxide which helps to strengthen connective tissue. It is also rich in many vitamins, all of which help to minimize joint pain.

Cucumber Reduces The Risk For Cancer

Cucumbers contain pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol.

These are called lignans, a type of polyphenols. These wonderful components fight cancer. They fight against uterine, breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer.

Another cancer-fighting agent found in cucumbers is called cucurbitacins. They block the necessary pathways cancer needs to develop and survive.

Cucumber Boosts Immunity

Having a strong immunity means that your body is better able to resist infections and diseases. One way to boost your immunity is to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients. One such food is the cucumber, and there is no easier way to ingest the nutrients other than taking cucumber juice.

Cucumber Reduces Puffiness

A great way to reduce puffiness in your eyes is by using the goodness of cucumbers. All you need to do is slice the cucumber in circles and place two of them on both your eyes. Let it stay for about thirty minutes. You may also do a cucumber face pack at the same time which will brighten your skin tone. Wash your face and eyes with cold water and you will surely see a difference. Your dark circles and puffiness will vanish and you will look absolutely amazing because of what these cucumbers shall provide you with.

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