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Benefits Of Ginger, Lemon And Mint For Weight Loss

Ginger, Lemon And Mint For Weight Loss

Ginger, lemon and mint drink is highly effective in weight loss especially if it’s drunk every morning on an empty stomach or at night before bed.

In fact, there are no studies that explain the effect of using ginger, lemon and mint mixture on weight loss, but there are many known benefits of each one of them for weight loss, here we will mention them in this article separately.

The Benefits Of Ginger For Weight Loss

Ginger for weight loss

According to a study, eating a small amount of ginger powder can reduce appetite and increase the feeling of fullness.

Another study was conducted on ten men that showed that people who drank hot ginger water before breakfast felt full faster than others which made them eat less than those who didn’t drink it.

Benefits Of Lemon For Weight Loss

lemon and mint for weight loss

It has been shown in studies that lemon extract, lemon juice and lemon water promotes weight loss. Also lemon’s richness in pectin fibers that are soluble in water help in weight control by extending in the stomach and giving the feeling of fullness and satiety for a long period, it is worth noting that lemon juice does not contain pectin, it is in the peels and the seeds, so it is preferable to use the peels in water instead of the juice.

Also it is known that drinking lemon water can help alot with weight loss but this actually can be caused by the water more than the lemon itself, since drinking plenty of water leads to the increase of burned calories, still the combination of these two is preferable for best results.

The Benefits Of Mint For Weight Loss

Mint for weight loss

Peppermint is beneficial for people who are trying to lose weight, but drinking it does not magically lead to weight loss. It is important to know that weight loss results from burning more calories than consumed through exercise and diet.

As for mint it has benefits that affect the process of digestion and exercising, as it helps to relax the organs and muscles of the digestive system, which facilitates the process of digestion, and promotes intestinal motility, as well as the flow of bile, which makes the digestion of fats more easy and quickly. In addition to that, it prevents bloating and indigestion, and reduces the creation of gases, therefore digestion improvement contributes to increasing a person’s movement and burning calories during the day.

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