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Benefits Of Onion Oil For The Hair

Hair loss is one of the problems that many people face, which leads to causing them anxiety and tension, which affects the general appearance and self-confidence. There are many medical prescriptions to address this problem, but most people prefer to use home recipes to treat hair loss, and the most important of these recipes is onion oil or onion juice, which is completely safe and does not have any side effects. In this article we will mention the benefits of onion oil and how to use it.

Onions help stimulate follicles to grow strong and new hair in the pores, and it also strengthens and protects existing hair, so why would you use the chemicals in pharmacies when there is such an excellent natural oil!

Add Onions To Your Diet

Onions are useful in all situations for hair, whether it is oil, onion water or just onion. You can also add fresh onions to your diet with salads, studies have shown that the use of onion oil or onion water while consuming it as well in food greatly helps to control the problem of hair loss, as well as many scalp problems including dandruff, fungi and infections.

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How To Use Onion Oil For The Hair

Onion oil is available in the shops and it is easily and inexpensively obtainable. But if you don’t have it, you can use onion juice. Squeeze the onions in the fruit juicer. Then, apply the juice to the scalp for thirty minutes to one hour. After that, wash your hair with water and a mild shampoo.

To get noticeable results, you must use this recipe three times a week for two months.

Stimulating Blood Circulation In The Head 

Onion oil contains a high amount of sulfur, which stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, and eventually leads to stimulation of the follicles and better nourishment of the hair.

Onion Oil For Gray Hair

Studies have also demonstrated that the use of onions in the diet and the use of onion water on the hair, delay the growth of white hair on the head.

Collagen Maker

Sulfur in the onion promotes the building of collagen cells, which are essential for hair growth.


Onions are among the natural substances beneficial to the human body, as they work to eliminate bacteria that causes disease when a person is infected, and do the same work when using onion water or onion oil on the scalp as it sterilizes the scalp and cleans it from any bacterial infections.

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