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Best Teeth Whitening Mixtures At Home

Everyone desires to have white, clean and shiny teeth. It is a dream for many people because as they say the smile is the shortest way to cross the hearts of others, and in order to achieve this it is necessary to enjoy healthy teeth, but there are many wrong habits that we follow on a daily basis that negatively affect the teeth and cause yellowing and even decay as well. Such as excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks, soft drinks, cigarettes, and other bad habits that greatly affect the teeth.

Recently, with the advancement of treatments and modern medical methods, teeth whitening methods appeared by laser, which actually bleaches, but due to the high prices of one session, which may require you conducting several sessions to obtain a desired result. We offer the best natural recipes that can whiten the teeth with high efficiency and at the lowest possible costs to enjoy bright teeth with a charming smile.

Ways To Prevent Teeth From Yellowing

It is necessary to keep washing and brushing the teeth continuously after every meal you eat, depending on your toothpaste, toothbrush and water.

Avoid drinking cigarettes and it is best to refrain from smoking in general to enjoy good health for the teeth and the body.

Do not drink too many caffeine derivatives such as coffee, Nescafe and tea. 

You can use the toothpick to prevent oral diseases, get rid of food residues stuck between the teeth, and leave a good dental smell.

It is preferable to visit the dentist’s clinic every 6 months.

Teeth Whitening Mixtures

teeth whitening mixtures

  • The first way that you can follow and use with ease from your home is to wipe the teeth with olive oil, where you have to bring a cotton pad moistened with olive oil and pass it on the teeth you want to whiten for a few minutes and repeat this method every two days to notice the difference that olive oil offers as it is a safe teeth whitener. It is guaranteed and works to effectively remove yellowness, in addition to being a wonderful gum tonic and prevents infection and bleeding.
  • Mint has an effective role in whitening the teeth because it contains natural oils whose role depends on teeth whitening. Mint helps in getting rid of unpleasant odors and refreshes the mouth. All you have to do is to put chopped mint leaves on a dried toothbrush and rub the teeth with it daily to notice the difference.
  • Strawberries contain some types of natural yeasts that help whiten the teeth efficiently and remove the yellowness that affects the teeth. You have to bring a mashed strawberry and then rub the teeth with it with the finger or a toothbrush as you use the toothpaste and then leave the residue on the teeth for 10 minutes then start washing it with water, and for better results use this recipe once a week.

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