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Coconut Oil For The Hair

Coconut Oil For Hair

We’ve talked about the benefits of coconut oil for your skin before (check it out here) and now it’s back again but this time to take care of
your hair instead, so don’t use it up all on your skin, save some for your hair and get that smoothness you’ve always wanted.
applying coconut oil on your hair frequently will help you prevent any sort of damage, and make its ends much more softer.

Aloe Vera And Coconut Oil For The Hair:

Aloe Vera helps in recovering the damage on the scalp of hair. It also helps in giving shine to your hair and also makes your hair softer.

  • Ingredients:

– Half cup aloe vera gel

– 2 tbsp of coconut oil

– 1 tsp local or raw honey

– 1 vitamin E capsule

– Preparation Time: 5 minutes

  • How to make it:

– Take a bowl put all the ingredients in it.

– Mix all of them well.

– Then store it in the fridge for up to a month.

– Then apply hair mask for 2 hours.

  • Best Time to apply:

– 2 hours before wash

Curry Leaves And Coconut Oil For Hair:

Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants and it moisturize the scalp , while doing this it removes cavities from our hairs.

  • Ingredients:

– a cup of coconut oil

– 4-5 curry leaves

– Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes

  • How to make it:

– Take a small holder and put few curry leaves into it and also put coconut oil in it

– Place the holder on a big bowl of water and heat the water until the oil gets heated.

– Once the oil is heated, a black solution will be formed

– Then apply the solution on your head.

Olive oil and Coconut Oil for Hair:

Olive oil helps in removing dandruff very easily. It also makes our hair soft and smooth.

  • Ingredients:

– 3 tbsp Coconut oil

– 1 Tbsp Olive oil

– Preparation Time: 2 minutes

  • How to make it:

– Take a bowl and put 3 tablespoon of coconut oil and then put 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– Then apply it on your head and massage the scalp well.

  • Best Time to apply:

– 1-2 hours before wash or during bedtime.

Castor Oil And Coconut Oil For Hair:

Castor oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties in it.  Castor oil is very beneficial for keeping your scalp clean.

  • Ingredients:

– 2 table spoon castor oil

– 2 table spoon coconut oil

– Preparation Time: 2 minutes

  • How to make it:

– Massage your scalp well for at least five minutes.

– Keep the hair mask on for at least two hours before washing it off.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil:

  • Coconut oil gives a cooling effect when applied on scalp; it is useful for those people who suffer from scalp sweating.
  • It helps in treating dandruff. Coconut oil helps to moisturize the hair and scalp and helps in overcoming the dryness caused due to dandruff.
  • It helps in keeping your hair moist. It also keeps our hair smooth and soft.
  • It prevents hair damage. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties that helps in preventing damage.
  • It gives shine to our hair and hence making the hair looks good. Therefore it helps in easy styling of hair.


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