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Dos And Don’ts To Lose Weight

1. Stop Eating Sugar And Starch

stop eating sugar

Eliminating or at least reducing starch and sugar intake will help reduce appetite for more calories, in addition to giving the body an opportunity to burn stored fats in it for energy, and it also helps reduce insulin levels in the blood, which leads to reduced sodium and water excess in the body.

2. Eat Protein For Breakfast

eat peotein

Eating protein for breakfast, such as oats, nuts, eggs, and butter, helps regulate appetite hormones, by reducing levels of the ghrelin hormone, a hormone that stimulates hunger, as several studies have shown that the effect of a high-protein breakfast lasts for several hours during the day.

3. Eat Plenty Of Fiber

fibers for weight loss

Eating a lot of dietary fiber during the day will help you feel full with a low amount of calories; which contributes to losing weight faster and healthier.

Examples of foods rich in dietary fiber include: barley, oats, vegetables and fruits, in addition to nuts and seeds.

4. Eat More Meals And Less Food

Instead of 3 meals with a big amount of food, a meals planning and organization process that is broken down into 5-6 meals with fewer food during a day can help you lose weight.

5. Drink Water Before Meals

Drinking water before eating your meals can help alot with weight loss, since your stomach will be already a little bit full which will make you eat less. One study has shown that drinking water half an hour before meals helped people to lose weight by 44% within three months.

6. Sleep Well

Research indicates that insufficient or poor quality sleep slows down metabolism, a process in which the body converts calories into energy. When metabolism is less effective, the body’s ability to store calories in the form of fat increases. In addition, less sleep can lead to increased insulin and cortisol production, which in turn leads to increased fat storage.

7. Stop Driving For Short Trips

A little movement is required to lose weight, so instead of driving everywhere all the time, make sure to “walk” or even better “cycle” for short trips, like grocery shopping or visiting a friend who lives nearby.

Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, walking or cycling around the neighbourhood for 30 minutes everyday will lead to a significant weight loss in no time.


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