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Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most famous types of tea because it is a tea that has little oxidation and does not ferment like red tea. While it is originally the same tea it is considered green tea before it is exposed to the oxidation processes by the moisture and the heat.

Benefits Of Green Tea For Weight Loss

Recently green Tea has been linked to weight loss, and this is true because scientific experiments and recent studies have proven that there is a big correlation between drinking green tea and the rate of burned fat in the body, as drinking three cups of green tea daily help burning almost two hundred calories in one day, by increasing energy and activity, in addition to that green tea stimulates the processes of demolition and building in cells, which means that the liver function is enhanced and activated more. Also green tea helps to control sugar levels in the body, which reduces the amount of fat stored by the body.

How To Use Green Tea For Weight Loss

  • 3 cups at least during the day

Make sure that you would drink at least 3 cups everyday, and try to schedule a specific time to drink them per exemple : in the morning during daylight, and at night.

  • Before dinner and before going to sleepĀ 

It is recommended to drink green tea before eating dinner and the reason for this is that it gives a feeling of satiety and fills the stomach, which means that you will eat less food than usual, also it is recommended to drink green tea in a cool state because the process of heating it in the body It makes you lose more calories during the metabolism process. Besides weight loss; drinking green tea just before bedtime will help you relax and calm your nerves and mind, and enjoy a quiet sleep.

  • Tips

Experts recommend two to three cups of green tea a day for better weight loss results.

Drinking three to five cups continuously and daily helps burn about one to two hundred calories.

Do not limit your choice of green tea to only one product, try to use more than one brand to get a variety of benefits. And find out which one benefits you the most and stick to it.

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