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Hair Care Mistakes: Avoid Them To Maintain A Healthy Hair

Hair grows monthly at a normal rate equivalent to about 7 mm, and the length of hair varies from person to person according to its growth cycle, which in some people may reach 6 years; Which increases the length of the hair.

The effect of the size of the hair follicles on the density of the hair is also evident. The greater the width of the follicles, the greater its density.

Hair consists of three main layers: the medulla, the cortex, and the outer epidermal layer that protects the hair from external factors, so any damage to one of the previous components may cause severe damage to the hair.


What Are The Damages Caused By Mistakes In Hair Care?

There are many hair care mistakes that some may not pay attention to, and cause severe hair damage, and may even be a cause of permanent hair loss if it continues.

Damage from hair care mistakes includes:

  • Dry hair.
  • Hair breakage
  • Hair loss and low density.
  • Hair frizz and extreme weakness.
  • Hair loss and baldness.
  • Infection with dandruff.
  • Hair stress and loss of luster.
  • Become curly.
  • Hair growth stops.
  • Feeling itchy or burning in the scalp.


What Are The Common Hair Care Mistakes?

Many fall victim to hair care mistakes, not knowing what happened to the hair and why it is getting worse day by day. We mention the following wrong practices and habits during hair care that lead to its damage:

  • Washing hair

Some may think it is easy and does not require attention, while paying attention to washing hair and following some precautions is very important.

You should constantly ask yourself, What is my hair type? How many times per week is appropriate to wash my hair? What is the correct way to wash my hair? What temperature water can be used? Does the shampoo used cause damage to the hair?

In answering the previous questions, it becomes clear that:

  • washing hair incorrectly may cause serious harm, as some resort to washing their hair on a daily basis without paying attention to the type of hair; This causes hair loss and dryness.
  • Using hot or cold water may cause hair damage. Despite the benefits of cold water in closing the pores of the scalp and the skin layer surrounding the hair, thus protecting the hair and preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt, it may reduce blood flow to the hair, which leads to hair loss and a decrease in its density. While using hot water draws moisture from the hair – just as it happens with the skin – causing it to dry out and weaken the hair roots.
  • Using some shampoos containing sodium and sulfates, or using shampoo frequently.
  • Avoid using conditioner after shampooing.
  • Exposing the hair to water that contains a high percentage of chlorine or salts frequently.


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