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Home Workout Plan With No Equipment

Home Workout Plan : simple exercises with 100% No equipments

Why find time for the gym while you can workout right from home, and with no equipments.

Many visitors have been asking us to suggest an effective home workout plan, since they don’t have time to go to the gym or because it’s just too crowded. here you will find the best home workout plan for you, all you have to do is get your body ready since no equipments are needed,

While many people try to get fit at some point of their lives, a lot of them give up before achieving their goal body, losing weight and getting fit isn’t the easiest challenge you are going to face, on the other hand it’s worth the pain, it might seem so hard at first but it’s just a matter of time till you get used to it and stick to the plan. The tips bellow will help you start your home workout the best possible way.

First thing, you have to be serious and committed to the plan in order to get fit and reach your goal, preparing a solid home workout plan would be a great start, just make sure it has a routine that burns fat, improves your body’s flexibility and tones many muscle groups.

When you think about losing weight and getting fit, the first thing that comes to your mind is going to the gym and lifting weight, while you can just focus on a home workout plan that has these six types of exercises : push-ups, handstand push-ups, pull-ups, bridges, leg raises and squats.

At first try some exercises then build your own home workout plan by choosing the most convenient moves for you, the more you are comfortable and satisfied with your plan the more you would look forward to doing it.

The best way to apply basic techniques for body building is to focus on one muscle group at a time, how about you work on the chest muscles for a start, try to do fewer reps while lifting heavier weight for better results.

For a good shaped body include in your home workout plan exercises that improve your muscles flexibility and make them more firm.

One of the most important things in home workouts is to keep the enthusiasm all along the journey, try to make changes on your workout routine from time to time, change will help you keep going as it also adds fun to your workout, it will give you new ideas, like maybe trying yoga as well, or dance classes, kickboxing might be a choice too, it only takes one try before you find new things you like, and it all benefit your body at the end.

Make sure you wear your most comfortable outfit, don’t think at all about how it looks like or how you want to look like, the comfortable you are the easier those exercises will be.

Instead of spending that much time watching TV, how about you try doing some exercises while watching it, like walking briefly in place during commercials, also small weight training can be done while you are sitting on the couch, there are many more creative ways to do some additional exercising.

The base of a fit body is definitely a strong core. If you have a strong core it will help you with all of your other workouts, try set-ups and crunches to build your core muscle, these two exercises will widen your range of motion which will give your abs the ability to work harder and longer.

For washboard abs, we all know that crunches are great for them, it will focus on the abdominals which will help your muscles get stronger, still crunches alone won’t be able to give you the results you want, because they won’t be able to burn the excess fat, so you have to help with a good diet and some cardiovascular exercises.

As we mentioned before other sports/hobbies might be considered as very effective workouts, like kickboxing, if you spend one hour of kickboxing and think “it wasn’t exhausting” then you must be doing it wrong.

To reduce the chances of quitting and maintain the consistency you should set a schedule with the exact days and times when you will be working out. Having a ”special day” where you try to make up for a missed workout is a great idea as well.

Again, when it comes to clothes, forget about your fashion sense, if you were going to the gym maybe you will feel that pressure to dress nicely, but we all know that comfort comes first. Try clothes that don’t make you self-conscious but instead gives you freedom of movement, working out clothes should help you concentrate on getting fit and not on looking attractive.

Shoes are just as much important as clothes; use ones that fit you exactly. Try to choose your shoes at the end of the day as feet tend to become larger at the time.

When you are doing weight lifting exercises that involve lifting weight over your head remember to tighten your gluts every time you do a rep. It will have a great impact on firming your butt an aligning your whole body by taking the load off your spine which will make your work out much more safer and easier. Also if you want to do chin-ups a little bit easier try to change how you perceive them, like thinking that instead of lifting yourself up you are pulling your elbows downward, this might sound silly but this mind trick can really help you do more chin-ups than you often do.

Another mind trick that might help is not calling your workout plan a workout or exercising, using these names can decrease your motivation.

At the same time as you schedule your daily exercise try programming your meals as well, if it’s all scheduled and you already know when your next meal will be, it will reduce the craving. Try to have at least one week scheduled ahead, to have an integrated programme for both your exercises and meals.

In case you get sick, take a break from working out. During illness in order for your body to recover fully it will need all of its available resources.

Another thing to keep an eye on is your pulse, try to check your pulse every morning after the day you work out, it will help you know if you are not over-training, and keep track of how healthy your home workout is.

It’s not easy to achieve your fitness goal and get in shape, yet they are so much worth the struggle, it might not be enjoyable at first but it will be the minute you will start seeing the change, and that will motivate you to keep going. Use the tips in this article for a great home workout plan to achieve your goal in the healthiest way.

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