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How To Avoid Excessive Sweating During Summer

Excessive sweating, especially during the summer, can be quite annoying not to mention “the smell”. In this article we will offer you some solutions provided by experts to reduce  extreme sweating during these hot days.

Follow these suggestions to reduce sweating :

  • Use an appropriate antiperspirant. You can always use a deodorant instead but you should know that deodorant doesn’t reduce sweat secretion but only covers the bad smell while antipersiprant narrows sweat secretion under the armpits to a large extent.

Tips :

– don’t use antiperspirants right after shaving your armpits as it might cause infections.

– it is recommended to use antiperspirants before going to bed for better results.

  • To reduce the bad smell of sweat, eat hydrating foods such as fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe, as well as yogurts, and nuts.
  • It is recommended to wear loose clothes that are made of natural fabrics as wearing tight clothes prevents air from getting inside and therefore leads to excessive sweating.
  • Also, try to wear light coloured clothes most of the time you are outside and under the sun, because they reflect sunlight unlike dark coloured clothes that absorb the heat and lead to excessive sweating.
  • Avoid taking a bath with warm or hot water. Even though most people enjoy their baths warm or sometimes even hot, it is recommended to always use lukewarm water when you are bathing, because using hot water can open pores and stimulate sweating. So it is best to take a shower with lukewarm or cold water that closes the pores.

  • This one might sound quite strange but frequently going to the sauna might actually help in reducing excessive sweating because when you often go to the sauna your body learns the ability to automatically lower its temperature and therefore it leads to less secretion of sweat. Make sure to always drink plenty of water when you go to the sauna.
  • In the summer and during hot days in general it is recommended to postpone workout or any type of work that requires physical effort to the evening or early in the morning.
  • One of the most known home remedies to solve the problem of excessive sweating are white vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Make sure to take two teaspoons in the morning, one of each vinegar.
  • Try to cool down your surroundings by closing the curtains to prevent sunlight from entering. Use an air conditioner (make sure not to lower the temperature too much as it might lead to other health problems). Also you can always use a fan.

  • Avoid eating meals that contain hot spices such as hot peppers as they might lead to excessive sweating. Also avoid drinking hot drinks, especially hot tea and coffee.


– If you are still suffering from excessive sweating even after trying out the previous tips then maybe your case needs a medical intervention, so maybe you should consider visiting a doctor to solve this problem by following a medical treatment or sometimes even undergoing a specific surgery.


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