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How To Curl Naturally Curly Hair

How To Curl Naturally Curly Hair

How to Curl Naturally Curly Hair With a Curling Iron : It is most difficult to style a naturally curly hair especially when the weather conditions are poor. This is because, bad weather conditions can make your hair become frizzy, dry and hopeless. However, if you get the appropriate haircut, moisturize your hair properly and get the best curlers for fine hair then you don’t need to worry about how to curl your naturally curly hair.

The main focus of this article is to educate you on How to Curl Naturally Curly Hair with a Curling Iron not minding the weather conditions.

Steps to Follow:

1. Bear in mind the type of curly hair you already have since not all of them are the same. Your curly  hair may fall between kinky, loose waves or tight curls. If it is wavy, it may flatten on your crown and that is the perfect place to shape the wavy hairstyle. But if it is kinky, you can cut it without pulling at the hair strands.

2. First of all wash your hair thoroughly before you begin with the cutting session. Your hair needs to be neat, and dry for it to be effective. Thoroughly moisturize your hair with a strong moisturizing treatment that same week you want to curl it. That will help your stylist see your healthy natural hair It will also help him or her to style your hair with a clear perspective of how your hair should look.

3. When washing your hair, get a conditioner and shampoo that carries keratin. This is because curly hairs do not have keratin which makes hair straight and frizzes free. Keratin will help your hair to be frizzy and shiny.

4. Do not rinse your hair thoroughly instead; allow a little conditioner to retain in your hair after showering. Leaving a residue of the conditioner on your hair will make it remain conditioned all day long.

5. Do not use a towel to clean after washing the hair instead; use a t-shirt. It is better to use a t-shirt since using a towel can make your hair to become frizzy.

6. Cut the hair before you do any coloration. When you or color your hair before cutting, it will make the hair damp and difficult to cut. Even when you cut it like that, it will not produce the typical curls that it should.

7. If your hair is a long one, there is the need to add layering to it. The layering will enable you to maintain the curly texture of your hair so that it will not become frizzy.

8. Then choose the hair product you will need. You can select a humectant product which can absorb and attract moisture. You can also choose the anti-humectant which can fight off moisture if the outside air is damp.

9. You can then apply a curling mousse, cream or gel. As your hair is still wet, take the product in your palm and apply it to your hair. Start from the back of your hair where you have thicker hairs.

10. Allow your hair to dry off completely. Do not touch the hair as it dry to avoid causing friction that may produce frizz.

11. When you are sure that your hair is completely dry, you can then scrunch the curls so that the gel layer will break up.

12. Get your curling iron ready and use it to fix some of the curls that need it. Remember to always use a heat protectant since heat can cause damages to your hair.

13. Apply a curl refresher any time that the product you applied is wearing off. You can even make use of a leave-in conditioner and water. Spraying this mixture can reactivate the product that is in your hair and make the curls bouncy all day long.

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