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How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin


The toughest challenge in losing weight is to lose it from a specific part, yet the hardest is probably The Face, but losing weight from your face will not only make it slimmer but will also make your whole body look much more thinner. Therefore, here are some tips on how to lose weight from your face.

Jaw Release For Double Chin:

Who doesn’t want high cheekbones and a well-defined jaw line? This exercise will help tone your jaw and cheek muscles. Stand straight, keep your lips together, and move your lower jaw in a circular motion (clockwise and counter-clockwise), almost as if you are chewing food. Hum while you breathe in and breathe out. Next, open your mouth wide and hold the tip of your tongue behind the bottom teeth. Breathe in and breathe out. Hold this for three to five seconds. Repeat this set 10 times.

Perform Facial Exercise For Double Chin:

Study shows that doing some facial exercise regularly is capable of slowing down the aging process of your facial features as well as tightening the muscles in your face, which in turn, reducing the number of wrinkles in your face.

There are various steps in doing these facial exercises, first is by mimicking the notion of blowing balloons by puffing up your cheeks and then deflating them to revert back into their normal condition.

Another type of facial exercise is by converting the shape of your face into a form called as smiling fish—that is sucking up your cheeks inside to your mouth, making your face resembling the facial structure of a fish. Let loose and then proceed with smiling wide that shows your whole teeth.

These two kinds of exercises supposedly help in decreasing the chubbiness of your face, most notably the cheek definition. Should you do it regularly every day, you will see the results in no time, although the minimum frequency of the exercise is at least two days in a day for 8 weeks.

Monitor Your Sleeping Schedule For Double Chin:

People tend to underestimate the cycle of sleep. While sleeping is a routine, it is also necessary for growth and health, including for the care of facial features. The lack of sleep may cause various side effects for the body, including weight gain. This also makes your face wrinkled and unhealthy.

Lacking sleep will result in an increase for hormones, which includes an increase in appetite while slows down the metabolism process. This, eventually, is one of the reasons for people gaining weight.

Regardless of the need to stay up late at night, whether it is for work or study, it is better to have a decent amount of sleep, which is around 7-8 hours in one night. It is the most efficient way to shed some fat from face and body overall.

Cut off The Carbs:

You should monitor the amount of carbs intake. While they are required, too much carb is one of the primary reasons for someone gaining weight. When you gain a significant amount of body mass, it affects how your face looks as well.

The best way to cut off the carbs while keeping yourself filled without getting yourself experience an increase of weight gain is, to eat some low carb food, and also exercise. These are some food that you should consider to avoid (or limit) when you plan to shed some weight, even the fat in your face.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks For Double Chin:

It is widely aware that alcoholic drinks are bad for your health. While they provide the temporary sensation as a stress reliever, their low nutritional value and high calorie can disrupt the electrolyte balance within your body. They can also cause fat building up, particularly in the area of thigh, waist, and face.

In a more serious note, consuming alcoholic drinks may also cause heart function failure, which may also extend to a cardiac tumor. In general, alcoholic drinks, besides hazardous, can also make you gain weight and avoid bloating.

Instead of consuming alcoholic drinks, what you should do is to include drinking plenty of water in your routine. It is said that part of the reason you look chubby is that your body tends to store excess water if you do not drink plenty enough. The result could spread to your other parts of the body, including the face.

Stay hydrated will keep you energized, healthy, and avoid your face from being too bloat. You should at least drink two litters of water each day.

Smile More:

This one is the easiest exercise everyone can absolutely perform, especially since it is actually effortless. Besides helping you to shed some weight and fat off your face, it helps that smiling also brightens everyone’s day.

You could do many ways on how to lose weight from face. It is not that much different from losing weight from your overall body. While you are free to do it, instead of just cutting off some weight from your face, why not just shedding them off your body?

It makes you feel good and more refreshed, and you will be ready to handle everything. Living healthy is the best way to liven up your life.

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