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How To Get Rid Of Hair Breakage

What Is Brittle Hair?

The proteins that make up the hair shaft gather in the form of micro-fibrils, and the ends of the hair split when violently or wrongly combing and styling the hair, which causes the proteins that make up the fibers to separate from each other at the tip of the hair; Causing hair breakage.

Dry and damaged hair is more susceptible to breakage and brittleness than healthy hair, as damaged hair has low elasticity, unlike natural hair, which stretches easily and to a greater extent.

Hair breakage is not limited to the scalp area only, it may affect other areas of the body, such as beard and mustache hair, due to the use of unhealthy hair care habits.

ŮŚReasons Behind Hair Breakage

Hair breakage reasons are too many include some bad habits that are done when washing or styling hair, or some pathological conditions that cause hair damage, and thus increase the possibility of hair bombing.

According to the reasons, the types of hair breakage can be divided into two types :

  • Hair Breakage Due To Poor Hair Care

. Some wrong practices are among the main causes of hair breakage, and they include:

  • The use of chemicals for hair care, which affects the hair bark weak and therefore easy to break, and from the chemicals causing that dyes Hair straighteners of various kinds and daily styling items.
  • Using a wig with a compression bandage around the head causes suffocation of the blood vessels that feed the scalp, as well as the use of buckles and tight ties.
  • Unconscious hair pulling, which is a bad habit that many people have when a psychological disorder or tension occurs, for example.
  • Itching of the scalp due to the presence of skin or fungal infections.
  • Dealing violently with hair, such as vigorously brushing wet hair or trying to untie the hair in improper ways.
  • Using low-quality styling tools and materials, such as rusty scissors, to trim the ends of the hair.
  • Neglecting regular hair care, such as cutting the ends of the hair and doing deep moisturizing of the hair on a regular basis.
  • Exposing the hair to natural factors without protection, such as the scorching sun and wind.
  • Use the blow dryer frequently, and direct exposure to air currents.

  • Hair Breakage Due To Diseases

Some diseases and health disorders cause hair breakage, including:

  • A diet that is not saturated with the body’s needs of minerals, vitamins and proteins.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Menkes syndrome.
  • ectodermal dysplasia;
  • Capillary sulfur atrophy.
  • Iron deficiency.
  • Biotin deficiency.


Treatment Of Hair Breakage

Treatment of hair breakage depends mainly on identifying the main cause that led to the occurrence of breakage, and then treating the cause.

It is also recommended, after knowing the cause and treating it, to cut the damaged and split ends of the hair, and then maintain and prevent split ends of the new hair by following some preventive methods against the causes of hair splitting.

Methods of treating hair loss include:

  • Treating the scalp from skin infections and fungal infections, if the diagnosis is confirmed.
  • Treating the scalp from diseases that cause itching.
  • Stop using bad or wrong hair care habits.
  • Not to use harsh chemicals on the hair, such as hair-dye removal materials in the event of hair breakage after hair coloring.
  • Compensating the deficiency in vitamins and minerals in the event of a deficiency in them.
  • It is recommended to consult a specialist in cases of severe hair breakage, especially when it occurs suddenly, to determine the cause and treat it correctly.

It is also not recommended to use mixtures for hair breakage or to try to treat hair breakage in natural ways as it is rumored to be, such as treating hair breakage with Vaseline, because it is not possible for hair to return to its natural state until after cutting the damaged hair and then avoiding the causes of hair bombing again.

There may be some methods that are used to remove split ends, such as using a hair splitter device, where the split ends device quickly removes split ends at home or in specialized hair care places.

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