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How To Lose Weight And Maintain A Healthy Body

Being overweight is a common problem that people from all around the world suffer from, and the biggest problem is that they start looking for solutions when they already reach the overweight phase, while it is actually advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay in shape and avoid many health problems in which one of them is obesity. But better later than never, whether you are overweight or not, read along to know how to lose weight and what to do to maintain a healthy body.

The Health Risks Of Being Overweight

The accumulation of fat in the body increases the risk of developing many diseases, such as:

  • Diabetes: Weight gain is one of the main factors that leads to diabetes since being overweight affects the production of the hormone insulin.
  • Hormone disorder: being overweight, especially women, sometimes might lead to a hormone disorder, like having higher levels of male hormones, which increases the risk of many diseases, as well as higher levels of estrogen which leads to a disturbance in the regular menstrual cycle.
  • Heart diseases: As high levels of cholesterol in the blood cause blockages in the arteries and rise in blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart diseases and strokes.
  • Sleep disorder: As people who are overweight often suffer from sleep disturbances, the most dangerous of which is sleep apnea that reduces the percentage of oxygen pumped to the body, which increases the risk of strokes.

How To Get Rid Of Body Fats Quickly

There are many ways to help burn fats quickly, including the following:

  • Following a high protein diet: One study indicates that eating a protein rich diet maintains muscle mass during the weight loss process, in addition to eating an adequate amount of protein rich foods is linked to reducing the risk of fat accumulation in the abdominal area.
  • Endurance exercises: These exercises are known to help build muscle and increase strength, and also have a high ability to burn fat.
  • Intermittent fasting: Studies have found that intermittent fasting promotes weight loss and fat burning.
  • Increasing the intake of iron: as iron deficiency causes an imbalance in the thyroid gland that secretes hormones that regulate metabolism in the body. It was shown in one study that women who treat iron deficiency had decreased body weight, waist circumference, and body mass index.

Common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction include weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath and weight gain.

  • Sleeping for sufficient periods: Sleeping for sufficient periods is essential to losing weight, as one study indicated that women who slept for five hours or less per night for a period of up to 16 years had a higher risk of weight gain compared to women who slept for more than seven hours per night.

Foods That Help Burn Fats

Some types of foods help suppress appetite and reduce the amount of food eaten during the day, as well as stimulating weight loss. Among the most important of these foods are the following:

  • Green vegies: vegetables such as, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage etc.. are known to be low in calories even if they are consumed in big quantities. They might not suppress the appetite but filling the stomach with a green salad will help a lot in weight loss.
  • Eggs: As eggs are a food rich in vitamins and minerals, in addition to being a source of protein that helps control appetite, one study showed that eating eggs for breakfast helps to curb hunger and suppress appetite throughout the rest of the day.
  • Fatty fish: Fatty fish are considered healthy foods that contain high levels of omega-3, and fish in general are a rich source of protein that reduces the feeling of hunger, which helps in losing weight.

Maintaining A Healthy Body

The mistake that many people make is stopping their diet plan the moment they reach their desired weight, and that is a problem because it leads to a weight gain that is faster than before, and as we said before, healthy food and exercising aren’t only for those who are overweight, so to stay in shape and maintain a healthy body, following a healthy diet and working out regularly are a necessary, maybe not as intense as before but as important as always.

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