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How To Prevent Your Skin From Sun Damage


1-Use A Sun Protection Cream

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It is preferable to choose a protective cream against the sun’s rays in order to prevent the skin from absorbing harmful sun rays such as ultraviolet rays.

Sun protection products are sometimes ineffective in protecting against damage, so you should choose a cream that contains zinc oxide, which is considered as an effective ingredient that prevents harmful sunlight from reaching the skin, so it is preferable to use creams that contain 5% or more of zinc oxide, as it does not cause acne or irritation and redness of the skin.


2-Wearing A Hat And Glasses To Prevent Sun Damage

Hats can be worn in order to reduce sun damage. It is also recommended to wear hats, especially for children since children’s skin is more sensitive to high rays, so the child can wear a hat that covers his head, ears and eyes, in addition to avoiding places that are exposed to the sun greatly. 

Standing in shade places such as the shade of a tree, or using an umbrella.

It is also recommended to wear sunglasses in order to protect the eyes from exposure to high sunlight.


3-Wearing Long Clothes To Prevent Sun Damage

It is preferable to wear long-sleeved clothes instead of short ones, especially when leaving the house between ten in the morning and three in the evening.


4-Washing Your Clothes

It is preferable to wash clothes using laundry detergents that contain harmful rays such as UV rays, and which contain microscopic crystals that contribute to preventing harmful rays from penetrating the skin.


5-Eating Foods That Protect The Skin From The Sun’s Rays

You can eat foods that fall into the category of beta-carotene, and examples of these foods are: pumpkin, apricots, cantaloupe, and sweet potatoes.

High consumption of these foods contributes to supporting the immune system and protecting against skin allergies resulting from exposure for solar radiation, in addition to protection against premature aging.

It is also possible to eat foods containing vitamins C, E, as several studies indicated that eating a mixture of these vitamins contributes to protection against damage caused by exposure to the sun, through the use of vitamin C with vitamin E And melatonin, and applying it to the skin before exposure to the sun which gives positive results.


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