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How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

Take Care Of Curly Hair

There are several steps that must be followed in order to treat frizz and curly hair:

    • Washing the hair with cold water, or cool water, and avoiding the use of hot water, as it leads to hair dry and increasing frizz.
    • Do not wash it more than twice a week with shampoo.
    • When you’re done taking a shower, you shouldn’t put a towel around your hair as a headband.
    • Avoid using hot oil because it will be ineffective and give no result, as it does not penetrate into the hair cells.

  • Washing it in cold or mild water can be very good because the humid weather affects it greatly, as it works to dry it out.
  • Use an appropriate hair conditioner after shampooing, and apply it to the ends of the hair to strengthen it and protect it from split ends.
  • Wearing a cap while swimming to protect hair from chlorine in the pools, or exposure to the sun after swimming.
  • Wearing a hair tie, as it works to keep the area on the front of the head flat, and keeps the ends somewhat wrinkled.

Natural Recipes For Curly Hair Care

It is worth noting that curly hair needs more care than any other type of hair, because it is rather dry, and when the weather is cold, it gets worse.

Olive Oil

Olive oil works to increase the freshness of the hair.

Apply olive oil on the ends of the hair, or the lower half of the hair in abundance, in return apply a little of it on the roots, then leave it on for half an hour, it is preferable to cover the hair during it, then wash it with a suitable shampoo well.

Baking Soda

By mixing a little baking soda with shampoo, and using it in the shower frequently, each time the hair becomes smoother and shinier.


Cut one avocado, and then crush it well until it becomes creamy, then put a little on the hair, rub it well, and cover it with plastic cover for ten minutes, after that, wash it well with water. Also you can put a little vanilla to get rid of the smell.


Put the yolk of two eggs in a large cup with moderate heat, with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of any type of essential oil, then mix them well, put them on the hair while rubbing it, and leave it on for an hour, then wash the hair well and dry it. It is preferable to use this method after using shampoo and not before.

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