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How To Treat Involuntary Urination For Children And Adults

How To Treat Involuntary Urination Easily

The individual in general needs a permanent sense of control, and when he loses this ability, the psychological effects are bad, and the first thing that a person wants to feel in control and control is the members of his body, so involuntary urination is the inability to control the exit of urine from The bladder is one of those conditions that no one wants to go through.

In this article, we review effective and fast treatment methods for bedwetting.

Effective And Quick Treatment Of Bedwetting For ChildrenĀ 

Bedwetting in children is considered a problem starting from the age of four and beyond, because the child before this age cannot control the bladder and the process of controlling urination begins in the child after he reaches the age of four in the day first and then at night later.

In most cases, bedwetting in children is not considered a chronic disease problem, and therefore it can be treated at home without the need to use medications, and the following are a set of instructions and methods that help in an effective and quick treatment of bedwetting in children:

  • Reducing fluids, chocolate and carbonated water from after 3:00 Evening.
  • Commit to going to urinate right before bed.
  • Use motivating methods for the child and reward him if he does not urinate in bed.
  • Prepare the house and the way to the toilet so that the child is not afraid to go to the bathroom at night.
  • Providing psychological and moral support to the child and helping him to overcome the problem of bed-wetting.

To ensure a effective and rapid treatment of bedwetting for children, there are three main axes of treatment as follows:

  • Bowel treatment: The strategy of treating bed-wetting for children begins by modifying any wrong food behaviors that cause constipation of the child and thus pressure on the bladder causing bedwetting.
  • Regular urination: A specific schedule should be set for the child to urinate every two or three hours, thus ensuring that the bladder is completely emptied of urine, especially if the child suffers from an inactive bladder.
  • Pelvic muscle exercise: Pelvic floor muscle relaxation exercises can enable the child to empty the bladder, and by continuing with these exercises, the bladder’s ability to control and control urine is enhanced.

Effective And Quick Treatment Of Bedwetting For Adults

Treatment of bedwetting for adults depends on several factors, including the patient’s age, mental state and general body health

  • Urinate, wait a few minutes, and urinate again in what is known as double urination.
  • Urination scheduling, which is intended to make a schedule for entering the bathroom that differs from one person to another and according to the severity of the disease. Some need to enter every two hours or less or more, and such a method can restore bladder control.
  • Delay the urination process as long as possible as long as he can control the process.

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