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The Best Way To Treat Cracked Feet

Many people suffer from cracked feet, especially in winter since the skin is more dry during the season which causes the appearance of a rough texture on the skin, which affects the external appearance of the foot, and increases the feeling of embarrassment, especially on occasions that require wearing sandals or open shoes. Lucky you that this problem can be overcome by home remedies, and in this article we will introduce to you to the best ways to treat cracked feet.

Symptoms of cracked feet

  • The appearance of a dry and hard skin on the soles of the feet.
  • Red, scaly patches.
  • Feeling itchiness on the feet, which may lead to a rash or a bleeding.
  • Increased possibility of infection as a result of the cracks reaching the inner layers of the skin.

Causes of cracked feet

Feet dry due to heavy movement, standing on hard floor.

Weight gain, which leads to stretching of the skin, thus cracking the outer layer of the skin.

Infection with some diseases, such as: diabetes, hypothyroidism, eczema, or psoriasis.

The feet are constantly exposed to water, which causes the feet to lose their natural oils.

Using the wrong moisturizing soap.

Wearing shoes for a long time, which prevents the air from nourishing the skin of the feet with oxygen.

Treating cracked feet with natural recipes

  • Lemon and olive oil

Put the feet in warm water before using this recipe, after a while remove the feet then put a lemon slice on them and keep moving it in a circular motion in a gentle way. Continue to massage the feet for five minutes until they absorb the lemon juice, then put a little olive oil on a piece of cotton, and massage the feet with it in a circular motion as well, and then wash the feet with cold water, and for better results it is recommended to repeat this recipe on a daily basis.

  • Oats

Mix a tablespoon of oatmeal with an adequate amount of jojoba oil until you get a cohesive dough, put the dough on the feet, leave it for 30 minutes, then wash the feet with cold water, and it is recommended to repeat this recipe for several days until the appearance of the desired results.

  • Banana and avocado

Mix a grain of banana with half a grain of avocado, apply the mixture on the feet, leave it for ten minutes, then wash the feet with cold water. It is advised to repeat this recipe until the desired results are obtained.

  • Vegetable oil

Wash the feet with water, dry them, then apply vegetable oil on them, wear some cotton socks, and leave them on for a whole night, in the next morning wash them with warm water. For better results, repeat the process on a daily basis until the desired results appear.

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