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The Right Way To Gain A Healthy Balanced Weight

What Is Obesity And What Is Thinness?

Recently, thinness has become a demand for many people in the world, and it may be a requirement for those who want it more than those who want to get rid of it. Thinness is the ideal thing for many people who suffer from obesity or who suffer from being overweight.

And thinness is a problem that a thin person may face

result of health problems he suffers from.

Obesity is the need that those who suffer from thinness

and seek to gain extra weight to improve their external appearance or health in general.

The best solution remains to resort to healthy food to gain weight in a healthy manner through a balanced diet that contains multiple types of food that will increase weight in addition to exercising that gives an effective result in that. Thus, weight gain is healthy and not associated with diseases or health risks. As the increase in weight with sports is limited to increasing muscle masses, not fat. Some may think that gaining weight is by increasing the amount of food, but this is not true, as it is much more difficult than that, especially when you want a logical and correct increase in weight.

There are many different reasons that lead to weight loss, where the person often eats food with fewer calories and the person himself may suffer from diseases that prevent weight gain. There are people who have a stomach that is able to burn fat quickly so that they eat large varieties of food and maintain a thin body free of obesity, and those people wish to gain a few extra kilograms that make them more harmonious in the body, and there can be a psychological factor. 

Foods That Lead To Obesity

  • Potatoes 

Potatoes contain carbohydrates and fiber that contribute to weight gain in a healthy way. 

  • Bread and whole grains 

Eating bread in more than one meal contributes to weight gain as it contains carbohydrates.

Tips To Gain Weight

When eating, always go for food that contains high calories. 

Eating grains that give an effective result in the process of weight gain.

Eat different types of fish and eat bread and pastries.

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