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Walking For Weight Loss

Walking is an easy and free exercise that can help with weight loss, increasing physical activity and getting a healthier body. Also brisk walking may help increasing the body’s endurance, burning extra calories, and improving heart health, and the best part is that walking does not require any equipment, and can be done at any time of the day, and at the speed that suits the ability of the person, and it is advised for all people, including people who are overweight, or old, or those who have not exercised for a long time.

What Is The Best Time To Walk For Weight Loss

There is no evidence that walking during a specific time of the day is more effective for weight loss, but choosing a specific time to walk may make it a daily routine that is easy to adhere to, so for each person it depends on the preferred time, which helps him be committed to walking and never stop it. In spite of this, some times for walking may be distinguished from other times by some advantages, such as:

Walking After Or Before Meals

Doing exercises that are appropriate to the age and circumstances of the person helps to improve their overall health, regardless of the time at which they decide to exercise, whether it is before or after eating. But walking for short, intermittent periods after meals may contribute to controlling blood sugar levels after eating for those who suffer from diabetes.

Walking In The Morning

Some people prefer walking and exercising in the morning, because they are more energized and active, while in afternoon and evening their feeling of fatigue increases, and their desire to perform physical activities decreases.

Walking in the morning has more benefits to the body other than burning calories, such as increasing the ability to focus during the rest of the day, and making the mind clearer and more accurate. However, in case you want to perform intensive exercises in the morning, it should be noted that doing so on an empty stomach may cause the body to use muscle mass to obtain energy, so it is necessary to eat a breakfast rich in protein before exercising in the morning.

Walking In The Evening

For warmer areas, walking for a short period of time in the evening may be better than doing it in the morning; this is because muscle contractions increase in the evening, which makes them more powerful, and increases the efficiency of sports performance. As for hot areas, the muscle contractions and their efficiency are better in the morning period; this is because body temperature is at its lowest levels. For temperate regions, there is no difference between the morning and evening, so the efficiency remains the same at all times.

Tips To Increase Walking During The Day

One of the most effective ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy body is to include walking in the daily tasks plan. Here are some tips that make walking a daily routine:

  • Park the car away from the door, whether it is the grocery, workplace, or places for recreation and entertainment, it is advised to park the car as far away from the door as possible.
  • The gradual increase in the time spent walking, for example, if it is difficult to walk for 30 minutes continuously, this time can be divided into 10 minutes walk three times during the day at the beginning, then doing 2 walks a day each one for 15 minutes, and keeping it that way until you can go for a 30 minute walk non-stop.
  • Walking during lunch break at work, by using at least 10 minutes of your lunch break in walking, you will be able to reach at least 150 minutes of movement per week.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator, because using them helps perform an exercise that maintains cardiovascular health.

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