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Water And Weight Loss

Drinking water can help the body lose weight, it is free of calories, as it helps to improve metabolism and burn more calories, and it can also reduce hunger and appetite if you drink it before meals. The benefits are even much greater when you drink it instead of drinks that are rich in sugars, such as juices and soft drinks, which reduces the amount of calories consumed.

Studies show that people who drink more water tend to consume fewer calories, but it is worth noting that drinking water alone is not enough to lose a large amount of weight, but a healthy diet must be followed to lose weight and reach your weight goal.

The Role Of Water In Weight Loss

Here you will find some of the reasons why drinking water may be beneficial for weight loss:

  • It reduces appetite and the desire to eat food when eating it before meals, which contributes to reducing the amounts of food consumed during the meal, and drinking water during the day reduces the intake of unnecessary snacks for the body.
  • Calorie burning increases, it has been found that drinking slightly cold water may help increase calorie burning, because the body needs to spend more energy to heat the water until its temperature is suitable for the body and digestion processes.
  • It is necessary for body fat burning processes, without it the body cannot metabolize stored fat or carbohydrates properly.

How To Increase Water Consumption

While some people are used to drinking water regularly, some might spend the whole day without drinking a cup of water, which is bad for the health in general, so in case you are confused on how to increase your water consumption, here are some tips that you can follow :

  • Drink at least one cup of water with each meal.
  • Use a refillable water bottle, and keep it close and visible to you.
  • Drink plenty of water when exercising.
  • Put a cup of water near the bed when sleeping.
  • Eat more soups and meals rich in liquids.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables with a high water content, such as: berries, grapes, melons, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, and lettuce.

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