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What Juice Should You Drink After Working Out

Many exercises require high effort and power, which in turn consumes a big amount of energy; Therefore, that lost energy must be directly replaced after the workout is done, and the best way to do that is by drinking drinks, especially juices, in addition to certain foods, to make sure the body gains its energy back as fast as possible. In this article we will provide you with a group of juices in addition to other drinks that will help you keep your working out process as healthy as possible.

Post Workout Juices

Actually there are many juices that can be taken after exercising to boost up the body’s energy, including:

  • Fruit Juice:

The fastest way to regain energy is by consuming sugar and it is also known that the healthiest way to do that is by eating fruits and drinking fruit juices. The natural sugar in fruit juices will help you replenish both your body’s fluids, in addition to your blood glucose level.

  • Cherry Juice:

Cherry juice contains large quantities of vitamins, especially vitamin A, and a group of minerals, most notably potassium, in addition to substances with antioxidant properties. Drinking cherry juice after each workout won’t only boost up your energy but will also relieve muscle pain since it is classified as one of the best natural pain relievers.

  • Milk And Frozen Berries:

This delicious drink will give your body the needed amount of simple sugars, which will help you get back the needed amount of sugar and therefore regain your energy. It also contains a big amount of proteins and vitamins that are beneficial for your body.

  • Fresh Green Juice:

Green drinks contain a large group of important nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. It can be made as desired, per exemple you can use cucumbers, spinach, green apples, sour lemon, celery or ginger, you can choose one of these ingredients and blend it with water, or you can mix two or three ingredients together, if the juice tastes bitter, you can add a little bit of honey to sweeten it.

Other Beneficial Drinks

In addition to the previous juices, you can also drink one of the following drinks after working out or anytime during the day.

  • Chocolate Milk:

According to a group of studies and researches; chocolate milk is an ideal drink for athletes after completing exercises, because it contains large amounts of proteins that help a lot in building tissues, in addition to a good amount of carbohydrates that rid the body of the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, and most importantly, this drink contains large amounts of essential elements needed by the bones and muscles like calcium and vitamins, specifically vitamin D. Alos other studies have proven that chocolate helps reduce stress; because it is rich in chemical compounds that help the blood vessels to relax and expand.

  • Coconut Water:

Coconut water provides the body with a small number of calories and sodium, on the other hand, it is rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are some of the main elements that the body desperately needs once the workout is over.

  • Green Tea:

Whether it is consumed cold or hot, green tea contains a set of elements that help with the oxidation processes, which protect the body from muscle inflammation that might occur during and after the workout. In addition to that, green tea has many more benefits for the body, such as reducing cholesterol level in the blood and burning fats, thus reducing the risks of vascular and heart diseases.

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